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Osaka Horie Boys is now recruiting junior high students. Junior high players currently playing in rubber ball baseball (nanshiki) or softball, would you be interested in experiencing hard ball baseball (kōshiki)? Potential players with no experience in the sport are welcomed as well. You can attend tryout sessions as many times as you’d like. We are also recruiting elementary school students. For more information, please contact our representative Murata.


Tel: 080-4021-1044

A few years back, we would see children along with their parents playing catch in parks and any vacant lots. However, now, playing with any form of ball in parks are now not allowed. Playing catch is definitely not allowed anymore.

I can still recall how I felt when I received my first baseball glove. Back in the days, rubber ball baseball (nanshiki) was more common and hard ball baseball (kōshiki) was considered dangerous, so kōshikiteams were very uncommon. Now, through medical advancement, we are able to distinguish and treat the injuries. High school players who strive to play in the Kōshien tournament and professional baseball league players all use kōshiki ball, and not nanshiki ball.

Therefore, it is best to experience playing the sport using kōshiki ball as soon as possible. I would like to guide and witness the growth of each and every player.


Osaka Horie Boys Representative

Tsuyoshi Murata

Our team consists of children in the golden age (ages 9–13), where physical development of children are at its peak. Under the supervision of coaches who have the experience in the Kōshien tournament and semi-professional baseball league, we conduct well-planned trainings to create a higher level foundation in the sport.

We strive to be a community-based team, so we try to give back to the community through volunteering.


We believe in creating opportunities for the future of our players.

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